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Porsche is preparing a new version of the 911

Porsche is working on the renovation of the 911 model. It will be ready to hit the market in 2015. The changes will include a new front bumper and grille and new LED lights integrated in the headlights. The rear end also features a new bumper with horizontal air...
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Carmony Rebranding

You may not have heard of Manheim Europe, but you will probably have heard of Motors and Carmony – two sites which match buyers with the right second hand car for them. Manheim Europe has taken the bull by the horns and are currently in the process of changing...
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The first Alfa Romeo crossover

The flagman version of the first Alfa Romeo crossover that will have to compete with the BMW X3, Audi Q5 and Porsche Macan, will receive a petrol turbo engine with six cylinders. The new model will be named Giulietta Cross and it is expected that the engine will...
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The secret to finding a Land Rover buyer

Selling to those in the know: The secret to finding a Land Rover buyer In many ways, selling a second-hand Land Rover should be done via a specialist Land Rover site rather than a more generic web page. There will undoubtedly be slightly fewer potential buyers...
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The Most Versatile 4x4s on the Market

After being spurned by the market for their reputation as gas-guzzlers, 4x4s are back with a vengeance, with more efficient engines and green technology to enhance their appeal to current buyers. From SUVs to 4x4 trucks, these vehicles are enjoying a strong resurgence,...
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NASCAR betting picks

At one stage this season Jimmie Johnson looked an absolute certainty to win NASCAR 2013, with a huge points lead over everyone else, but those who chose to put their outright bets on Johnson may be sweating just a little bit, as recent weeks have seen his lead...
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Test driving a car before buying it

Any seasoned driver will tell you that finding exactly the right car for you can be such a pain! There’s just so much to think about when assessing the pros and cons of every vehicle you come across. Without the right guidance, it is often incredibly difficult...
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Ford performace cars then and now

When the Fiesta turbo was announced in 1990 it was the fastest one. It gave Ford a strong entry in the supermini class and became a legend for a whole generation of young boy racers. With its sharp handling and remarkable performance the Fiesta turbo is still a...
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Betting on who will win the Indy Car races

The Indy Car series represents the top level when it comes to American open wheel car racing, and thus each Indy Car season attracts considerable betting interest in America – even if awareness of it outside the States remains fairly limited at the moment....
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2013 Ford CMax reviewed and compared to Toyota Prius

First impressions of the new 2013 Ford CMax Hybrid make it difficult to classify it as a wagon, hatchback, or a minivan, but it's a vehicle, that offers plenty of interior space and has incredible fuel economy. Ford started selling the CMax, built on the Focus...
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Citroen C4 Seduction review

Citroen C4 is a superbly comfortable French family car and has a remarkable list of features added as standard. The velour interior of the Citroen C4 is extremely neat and comfortable. Some people may be disappointed, because there are no cupholders in the Citroen...
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