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Test driving a car before buying it Posted on 10 Jul 2013

Any seasoned driver will tell you that finding exactly the right car for you can be such a pain! There’s just so much to think about when assessing the pros and cons of every vehicle you come across. Without the right guidance, it is often incredibly difficult to keep track of what you liked about each car in the first place. Besides, there might not just be yourself to consider, especially if you have family and your spouse or child will be using the car too.

You will want to make the right choice, but never fear because help is at hand! Keep the following things in mind when test-driving a new car:

Arguably, you would be right to doubt that last test drive, as it would be very difficult to get a feel for a car that you have only driven for only a quarter of an hour. To avoid making the wrong purchase it would therefore be highly advisable to consider hiring a vehicle or different vehicles to help you make a more informed choice.

When you hire the vehicle, take note of the following characteristics of each car to make your final choice an easier one:

Comfort level
Does the car have an adjustable steering column? If so, does it adjust up and down as well as in and out for easy reach of the wheel and pedals? Are the seats also adjustable, and do they provide the requisite level of comfort for your back? Do the seatbelts stretch across without rubbing into your neck and side?

Does the hire car have enough acceleration to pass others on the motorway without straining? How well does it perform on an up-hill slope?

How does the car handle on bumpy roads and going across pesky speed bumps?

Check that the brakes stop the car without requiring a lot of extra pressure and that your car is fitted with modern safety equipment like airbags and ABS. For more information on what one should expect from a modern car in terms of safety features, visit the Euroncap website.

Is the car hire company a reputable one?

A company like Hertz Car Hire have a great reputation for the reliability of its hire cars and will give you an accurate feel for any particular brand of car on its books. They now also offer a rent and buy scheme so if you fall in love with a particular car it could be yours.
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